Date Mon 01 May 2017

I've been mixing my own music for a while but I have been shy about sharing it with the world.  The thing is though, once the music bug bites, it bites! I've been a musician all my life so when I watch a documentary like Dave Grohl's, I relate really well.  I am rusty on drums and guitar but have kept up with bass (super sexy instrument!)  For sure, I can play those instruments, and to my envious musician friends' dismay, play it better than them a lot of times, lol.

I'm thinking of going for a trip to this sound studio in San Diego and seeing what I can do.  I have reached out and it might just be affordable.  But wouldn't it be cool to do somthing like this before my 35th birthday?  Make a recording or two of a couple of songs, maybe as demos.  As much as I love music though, making a living as a musician is hard, unless I switch my focus to radio or TV commercials or even musical scores for shows and movies. I am thinking of going back to school; whether I do something in music production or explore something else that I actually ENJOY and can make a decent living from, that'd be great.

Anyway... let's find a good music mix! Forgive me if it's not Brasilian... it probably won't be.  Here we go ;)  I do love me some Fetty Wap!