I Can't Believe I Did This With My GirlFriend!

While this is mostly my music blog and I get to share my appreciation for Brasilian music with you all... regular music once in a while, but today's post is a bit more... "lavish", shall I say?  Lol, I got to indulge in some beauty routines.  Let's rewind for a second. 

This started about a month ago when me and my girlfriend were drinking coffee and eating breakfast when my girlfriend disappeared into the bathroom.  When she came back out, she had a strip on her nose.  I didn't know what that strip was

Brasil = Paradise On Earth!

Brasil... one of the most beautiful places in the world!  Brasil, hands down, has the hottest, most attractive men & women I have ever come across.  I say that passionately, as I have traveled quite a lot and while many major countries in the world have my attention, this one has me IN LOVE!

Did I even mention the food yet?  Have a look at this:

And how much music I have shared on this site that shows the talent of Brasilian musicians?  While the streets of Brasil can be cut throat, the people also have a big heart, are open, heart-warming, and eager to share the love.  That's not a dirty joke.  Just take a walk along the eateries.  And how about the night life?

I had so much fun last time I was there.  I'd love to go there this year.  I can't forget the time when one of my good friends took me to a local beach about 20 minutes away.  He brough his Oru Bay kayak and also brough his old Sevylor, just in case we needed it.  Hell, I had never been in a kayak before.  A boat, a couple of times, for sure.  After I had a great time in the Oru, he told me to look up inflatable kayak reviews and that plenty of options should plop up.

Never forget: all you need is water, the sun, a good friend, and some great music.  All will be well!

7 Must See, Beautifully Stunning Beaches In Brazil!

Since this blog is all about Brasilian music and my love for Brasil, I decided to reminisce my last trip there.  Know what I realized?  That I absolutely adore the people of Brasil and you know what else is easy on the eyes?  The Brasilian people enjoying their beautifu, stunning crystal clear beaches!  So, I made a list of some of the best beach in Brasil that I will be visiting on my next trip in the Spring or the Summer.  Ready?

Baia do Sancho:

This has to the first beach that anybody should think of visiting while at Brazil. It has unimaginably beautiful blue waters and usually tops the list of beaches to visit in a person’s lifetime. What makes it even more desirable is the fact that it is a UNESCO natural habitat, which is highly preserved and well taken care of. The fact that the number of people allowed to be in it at a time is restricted but should not deter anyone from visiting; in fact, it should be motivation enough. Its beauty is unparalleled and it is also an adventures place where snorkeling takes place, and to reach inside the beach, one needs to pass through a small-restricted trail of dirt road.


Praia da Pipa, Dolphins Bay

This is another dream beach to visit ion Brazil. The best part of this beach is perhaps the fact that a person will find it irresistible all year round, hence no need to cut off your plans because it can fit in them easily. Sports like kite surfing working really well here because of the high tide, boat riding is also common to see the dolphins and other sea life. It is home to beautiful sea life like turtles and dolphins. Its waters are clean and clear and it is one of the popular beaches in Brazil and indeed the world.


Baia dos Porcos

Surrounded by glorious volcanic rock and tide pools, this beach are a relaxing and yet inspiring place to be. It has all sorts of beautiful, exotic marine life, and is host to naturally occurring hot tubs. It has many natural pools each with a different hue; the eyes cannot get enough of it. One thing about this beach is that the only activity allowed here is swimming and boat riding or kayaking (too bad I can't travel with the best inflatable kayak ever: my AHTK Montana!) Any other water sports and activities are prohibited, and diving is strictly prohibited.


Lopes Mendes

Located in the Rio State, this beach has the whitest beach that anyone has seen stretching to approximately 3km! The beach is filled with such beauties as almond and palm trees; with strong mountains being its backdrop hence, the shade is not overwhelming to the visitors. Fun activities like surfing, canoeing, boat activities, snorkeling, fishing, parasailing and swimming are commonplace here. It is generally a sunny beach lined with the finest sand and the energy of the ocean is nothing but attractive.




Many amazing beaches in Brazil are famed to be secluded and away from the cities, however, this is an exception. It is located mid-city in Rio and has the most incredible view of Sugarloaf Mountain! It is a great place to plan for surfing trips, beach volleyball, and even group parties if you like this sort of thing. It definitely has a taste of almost each of Brazil’s local food flavors.


Gales, Maragogi

This is one of the most exciting beaches in Brazil. With clear blue waters and all sorts of amazing sea life, one can never go wrong with this beach. It has vast opportunities for sea sport like snorkeling and diving. It has a unique beach structure with a mixture of sand and rock. This beach in Maragogi encourages beautiful sport activities like scuba diving and visitors have always stated that snorkeling works well here because of especially the clear blue waters.


Praia do Patacho

If you are an avid traveler, you should definitely visit this beach within your lifetime! Competing with larger and more famous beaches around it like Pernambuco, this beach is not given nearly enough attention. In addition, the fact that it is located in the small Alagos state does not help its case; however, it is a remarkable sight! There are numerous water sports allowed in this beach; speed boat riding, scenic boat riding, bike tours, stand-up paddle boarding, scuba diving, to name but a few. Its translucent waters and string of palm trees is unparalleled and its tidal pools are nothing but breathtaking. It is definitely the ultimate gateway for family, loved ones or friends.