Brasil = Paradise On Earth!

Brasil... one of the most beautiful places in the world!  Brasil, hands down, has the hottest, most attractive men & women I have ever come across.  I say that passionately, as I have traveled quite a lot and while many major countries in the world have my attention, this one has me IN LOVE!

Did I even mention the food yet?  Have a look at this:

And how much music I have shared on this site that shows the talent of Brasilian musicians?  While the streets of Brasil can be cut throat, the people also have a big heart, are open, heart-warming, and eager to share the love.  That's not a dirty joke.  Just take a walk along the eateries.  And how about the night life?

I had so much fun last time I was there.  I'd love to go there this year.  I can't forget the time when one of my good friends took me to a local beach about 20 minutes away.  He brough his Oru Bay kayak and also brough his old Sevylor, just in case we needed it.  Hell, I had never been in a kayak before.  A boat, a couple of times, for sure.  After I had a great time in the Oru, he told me to look up inflatable kayak reviews and that plenty of options should plop up.

Never forget: all you need is water, the sun, a good friend, and some great music.  All will be well!